This restaurant is an unassuming exercise in exclusive, intimate and unique dining. The design concept is purely based on interpreting of the chef’s experimental and intensely refined approach to food. While complex and calculated in its conception and execution, the end result of the design is modern and subtle in its articulation. The details are then something to be discovered through the experience itself, revealing an undeniable connection between the design and the food.  The intention is that the two should work together to enhance the total experience. Baked oak, bronze and leather materials lend a warm feel and the spectacular private dining room is surrounded by cut timber walls and floor-to-ceiling wine displays.


Equally important was to embrace the idea of foraging, in seeking out ideas and materials which are naturally occurring, and reinterpreting them. The experiment was to exploit symbiotic relationships within each handcrafted piece in order to derive something unexpected and sophisticated from that which is organic, natural and familiar. Also in the restaurant exist two undisclosed experiences accessed only by a private door. One is the Library, which acts both as a study for the chef as well as a private dining room for clientele. The other is an exclusive lounge; an intimate subterranean room comprised of rough concrete walls, rich wood herringbone floors, custom furniture and lighting.  Also in the space is a petite bar with a removable bespoke bar cart used to deliver specialty cocktails to guests. The room was designed to create a tailored and memorable departure from the communal dining experience..