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Founded by Emma Maxwell, the studio has a discerning focus on restaurants, bars, and hotels. Our thematic approach to design is driven by our passion for detail, craftsmanship, and a commitment to creating meaningful experiences.


Our clientele encompasses an array of the world's Top 50 and Michelin-starred chefs, cutting-edge restaurateurs, and illustrious luxury hotel groups. We continuously redefines the boundaries of design. By embracing empathy as our starting point, we pay homage to a place, its culture, and its patrons, ensuring each project resonates with its environment.

Our signature approach is both expansive and intuitive that transcend conventional boundaries. 


Design partners in projects include : Marriott . Hilton. IHG. Pan Pacific. Unlisted Collection. Burnt Ends. Cempedak Private Island.



About Emma Maxwell

Emma Maxwell is a respected interior designer who has established herself as a leading figure specialising in Restaurants and Bars. Emma was born in Australia, and is currently based in Singapore, where she founded her eponymous design studio ten years ago. Her studio has a discerning focus on on elevating environments through a strong narrative approach, crafts-person-ship and precise attention to detail. Understanding and empathising how operators, chefs and guests think and feel is a focus when commencing her humanist lead design process. Her spaces transform into elevated dining and drinking experiences that are theatrical and memorable.


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