February 19, 2018

A review published in Indesign.


14 FEBRUARY, 2018

A transitory installation for a fleeting experience – that was Emma Maxwell’s recent dining room installation at the Sheraton in Kuala Lumpur. At the basis of the installation was a simple, but profound question: How do we make our dreams come true? Maxwell’s designed response suggested that seeing the world differently is a critical part of the answer.

She also capitalised on the pop-up format to explore the notion of ceremony associated with dining, and reflect the transitory effect dining can have on the senses – from the palate, to the visual and aural experience. “To do so in such a dramatic and theatrical fashion in a permanent restaurant is somewhat challenging,” says Maxwell. “The pop up is truly a medium that is liberating for both designer and chef alike.”

The installation was presented as an ‘other’ world within a muted box. Guests ventured into a...

November 27, 2017


Now in its 15th year, the competition was particularly tight, with event organiser, Niche Media, receiving 533 entries – a record number.

The program celebrates the best of Australian interior and product design across 14 categories and five special awards. Testament to the quality of entries, this year more than 250 projects were shortlisted.

Paul Lidgerwood, managing director of Niche Media, says IDEA grew out of a desire to celebrate Australia’s vibrant and highly skilled design community. “When we established the IDEA program back in 2003, nothing at that time recognised excellence in interior design and architecture. We wanted to change that,” says Lidgerwood. “Over the last 15 years, we’ve been amazed by both the quality of the thousands of submissions we’ve received, and the way in which the design community has embraced the awards. This year we’ve seen more entries than ever before, and tickets for the awards dinner sold out more than a month before the event.”

August 17, 2017

A very happy Thursday morning to discover that 12,000 Francs has been shortlisted in the best International project, along with the a nomination for most Sustainable project.  

April 26, 2017

 "Cempedak debuts as the world's first private island resort constructed entirely of bamboo"

March 12, 2017

Forbes rates my design on Cempedak. "Recycled teak, lava stone, petrified wood, and bronze add to the textural qualities and ramp up the luxe factor. The whole effect is sleek, modern and very impressive."


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