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How do we make our dreams come true? Some times its possible by seeing things a little differently.  


This question is posed by acclaimed interior designer Emma Maxwell and her team in her signature layered, worldly and eclectic style, for “Find your Lucky Star”. A restaurant installation hosted by The Marriott Hotel group .

As guests walk through the threshold of the door of the custom, free standing structure, they are submerged into a seductive and evocative “other” world of the installation . A scene that is the exact opposite of what they perceived from the minimal, brutalist exterior of the installation. 



Guests venture into a fantastical scene that initially doesn’t make sense to the human condition. The guests are placed "upside down” in an evocative landscape, where the clouds and the tree tops are the basis for the floor and walls. The ceiling , however remains a dark intangible void. A custom made 3 metre long mirror top table and the specially hand crafted clear glass cloud light fittings suggest an otherworldly presence. 


The diner gradually adjusts to this environment as dinner is served. It is by  third course however that the dark void above them begins to shimmer to life. Slowly a night sky begins to appear and stars being to gently twinkle.   

By the time desert has arrived the clouds and trees have all but disappeared and the diner is submerged in a fantastical moving and shimmering star-field.  As shooting stars arc over the guests, they are invited to search for their lucky star and make a wish.  


Maxwell wanted to explore the notion of ceremony associated with dining, and reflect the transitory effect dining can have on the senses. From the palate, along with the visual and aural throughout the seating. To do so in such a dramatic and theatrical fashion in a permanent restaurant is somewhat challenging. The pop up is truly a medium that is liberating for both designer and chef alike. And most importantly, the guests love being in the space. 


Far from using traditional lighting techniques, the star-field film that envelops the space was designed by celebrated Australian Film Director Damon Escott.  The Sound Scape was conceived by award winning Australian screen composer and music producer Ben Rosen.


The six course menu was conceived by acclaimed chef Francois Merlimood, based in Singapore.



Notable Publications (Over 40 plus published articles)


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Photo Credit : Damon Escott


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