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Private Island 



An exclusive private island set in the arpelligo of Indonesia, every structure on the island is made from bamboo. All the power for the resort is produced from solar, wind, and micro-hydro generators. The resort also offers diving, tennis and shore-side cocktails, but the sustainability of the resort’s construction, interior and grounds are the most impressive of the features on offer.

The studio was given the opportunity to develop the islands into tropical eco-resort. The objectives for the project include maintaining concern for the local environment and creating a self-sustaining project, all while adhering to the cultural and ecological authenticity of the local area. A 30-bed, 5-star resort is among the plan, and would be spreads throughout the island. All materials used in the restaurant and bars is all ecologically soured and manufactured close by locals. It was paramount that the Carbon footprint should be as low as possible, as well as local people would have the opportunity to contribute to the economy. 

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