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Las Palmas at Marriott


Its impossible not to smile at Las Palmas. It simply won’t let you. Inspired by the heady days of 1960’s Palm Springs, Las Palmas is a rooftop bar with a pool that is playful and transports the guest to another time and place. Palm Springs, a Southern Californian Town abounds with preserved iconic architecture its foundations stemming from the clean lines of mid-century modern design. Made all the more chic by timeless tales of Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra and his crowd who owned homes there. 

All of the the classic mid century desert design cues have been embraced and reimagined with gusto. The entire space is swathed in pastel hues and natural timbers. Classic pastel blue terrazzo flooring through out meet fluted natural oak timber wall paneling and linen drapery. All framed by a fluted ceiling that sculpts out the space and provides acoustic relief as well. All of the touch points are rooted in mid-century nostalgia but also vested in contemporary humanist ideals.

The bar is a celebration of blush pink with an exquisite top of natural pink stone quartz. The bar stools around it are adorned with pastel fabrics adorned with desert plants and birds. Its the stage perfectly suited to Proof and Co’s exquisitely themed and conceived cocktails.

Slim Aarons photographs of Palm Springs in the 1960s adorn the fluted oak wall paneling walls. They epitomise the glamour, charisma, and celebrity of the period. “Attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places,” Aarons famously once said to describe his practice.

The Private Dining space is a celebration of natural leathers and timbers and desert inspired warmer hues.

Outdoors, pool side the Palm Springs iconic breeze blocks feature, while joyful pastel pink cabanas ensure that guests can spend lazy afternoons sipping cocktails and bask in the incredible city views over the pool. From daytime , through to sunset and late into the evening, this is a bar not quite like any other.

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