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3 Starred Michelin Chef Bruno Meynard wanted to open a burger joint. The design concept is taken from the menu itself. Modern French signature dishes that distinguish France from the rest of Europe were born in the 1960’s & 1970’s. This and the timeless elegance of the era is what inspired the design


Celebrating the famous chef, the open and theatrical kitchen creates a centre point from which the layout radiates. The kitchen is divided in zones: the ice cream parlour offering Bruno Mernard  ’s iconic liquid nitrogen ice cream. Finally the protagonist of the kitchen is the exposed wood fired oven


The layout of the restaurant is based on sensorial experiences and different paces across the restaurant. The front of the restaurant is dynamic, combining high seating, flexible tables & hard surfaces such as tiles and marble.


One of the main features in this area is the communal table, shaped as a propeller, a subtle reference to airplanes & travel in general. As customers progress into the space, the pace slows down to a more relaxed dining experience. Hero seats in the house are the observer booths. The interior is rich in materials with dark timber, black and white marble, perforated metals, leathers and cast iron.

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