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La Cantine



La Cantine By Bruno Menard ,

Taking inspiration from Bruno’s playful approach to his food and literally turning his cuisine inside out and upside down, the direction of the restaurant design became very obvious. 

A reinterpretation of the streets of Paris. Drawing from the wonder of such films as City of Lost Children and Amelie a world was created to emphasise the fantastical. As guests walk into the space from the modern streets of Singapore, they are met with a sense of wonder. Famous seventeenth century buildings are modelled and turned upside down on the ceiling, they literally become beacons in the space. 

A high attention to detail is driven right through out the space. Dividing the space in half, separating the main dining hall and private dining space is a dramatic floor to ceiling operable doors that depict a hand carved timber bass relief of the Rue de Barre in Paris.

Details such as brass inlay on the tables depicting the Napoleonic bee was derived from Emma’s first ever trip to Paris. To Emma’s eyes it appeared as if Napoleon had completely restamped the city in one 15 year swoop. The wall of drawers represents the Napoleonic office of order, chaos and change. Extensive walking through the Napoleonic apartments at the Louvre garnered details that may be found every where from detail on the bar face through to table legs.  The traditional material of zinc was used heavily through out. Not just on the bar, but creeping up the walls and ceiling. The traditional is every so slightly subtilely continuously skewed through out each touch point in the space.

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