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This restaurant is an unassuming exercise of refined tradition and classicism that hones in on the language of a French Bistro. It celebrates tradition and acknowledges diners desire to feel fused with a sense of the authentic.

L’Entrecote, named after the classic French dish of Steak Frites, serves up perfect steaks in an atmosphere you’d expect from a traditional French Bistro.  The design being inspired by the origins of bistros as utilitarian working class spaces.

 And since opening to great reviews, the restaurant has become one of Singapore’s most popular French eateries. Using all of the traditional cues of working class dining, mirrors have been aged to reflect authenticity. Timbers have been worn and aged and bare bulbs

suspended in a light well that would have inspired Jules Verne. The use of brass is used though out as trim. All natural materials were used, to ensure every element of the space is infused with authenticity.

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