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Beijing, China


To design Florentina, STUDIO MAXWELL took their own perception and experience of being in the Italian city of Florence. Fusing elements of

the Italian classicism together  with contemporary and bold coloured furnishings. From the moment guests enter the restaurant, the grand lighting, chevron patterned Carrara marble flooring, timber panelled walls and ceiling covered with clouds wallpaper by Fornasetti embrace their journey into Emma’s world of sophistication.

The main dining room opens onto the bar and a walk-in wine room. And the open kitchen, allowing clients to watch the Chef and his team while crafting delicious dishes. Emma celebrated the low ceiling by wrapping the space intimately with a blanket of low laying clouds. In turn, customers in the space feel embraced by the pattern. It is lit in a manner that reflects shafts of light radiating through atmosphere that one finds in that part of Italy. The hanging lights made of delicate hand-blown glass bubbles complete this ‘mise en scene’, giving guests the impression of watching an amazing fireworks show. Emma ultimately used brass and metallic elements of design to facilitate reflectivity and give the space a sense of wonder. 




A' DESIGN Awards         Italy                 Winner Best Hospitality Project            Florentina          Beijing


IDA Awards                     USA                Winner Best Hospitality Project            Florentina          Beijing


A&D Trophy Awards       Hong Kong      Winner Best Hospitality Project            Florentina          Beijing


Restaurant and Bar         UK                  Shortlist Best Asian Restaurant            Florentina          Beijing

Design Awards


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