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The Cabinet of Curiosoities - Perception and expectation of the conventional are eschewed for the new. And to me the incredible cocktails at Burnt Ends Bar are indeed wildly wonderful and imaginative manifestations that combine unexpected elements together and create a natural perfection. I drew analogy of the scientific enlightenment period from the late 17th to the early 19th century. That period completely changed our understanding of philosophical, social and scientific discourse. Everything we assumed until then was completely changed. Gravity being one of them. One of my favourite places to go on the planet that exhibits the enlightenment period is the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Every time I visit, I’m thoroughly enchanted and walk away with more questions than when I entered. It was popular for people in that period to have their own cabinets of curiosities in their own house as well. Their own mini museums trying to understand the mysterious and the unexplained. The Burnt Ends bar is designed to do this, theatrically sweep away conventional perceptions and tell new stories. The cabinets themselves contain curiosities that are real. However there are many others that are hand crafted especially for the bar. They cheekily present themselves as being perceived as real but they’re imaginary fantastical objects. It’s up to the guest to figure out which is which.

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