February 19, 2018

A review published in Indesign.


14 FEBRUARY, 2018

A transitory installation for a fleeting experience – that was Emma Maxwell’s recent dining room installation at the Sheraton in Kuala Lumpur. At the basis of the installation was a simple, but profound question: How do we make our dreams come true? Maxwell’s designed response suggested that seeing the world differently is a critical part of the answer.

She also capitalised on the pop-up format to explore the notion of ceremony associated with dining, and reflect the transitory effect dining can have on the senses – from the palate, to the visual and aural experience. “To do so in such a dramatic and theatrical fashion in a permanent restaurant is somewhat challenging,” says Maxwell. “The pop up is truly a medium that is liberating for both designer and chef alike.”

The installation was presented as an ‘other’ world within a muted box. Guests ventured into a...

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